More than a greeting card, it's a GreetMate!

A text every once in a while is nice, but sending or getting a GreetMate is an unforgettable experience. Where a paper card gets thrown away, or flowers die after a week, our designs will accompany you as long as you’d like!

Lasting and unique

special gifts that last a lifetime

Building experiences

easy and fun for everyone

How to order

Creating your GreetMate is easy; pick your design, type a personal message, and choose your wood.

Step 1

Pick your design! There is a GreetMate for everyone.

Step 2

Make it personal! Select a fitting title and type a personal message.

Step 3

Choose your wood; cherry - a creamy beige, or walnut - a rich brown.

Pick your design

unforgettable experiences begin here

Keep it functional

For those who make every inch count!

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Party in style

These llamas are celebrating, and so should you!

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Spread the smile!

"a smile is the shortest distance between two people"

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