How it works

How it works

Every GreetMate is a fun building experience for the entire family. Expect everyone to gather around as you start assembling your special gift. It will only take a few minutes to put together, but last a lifetime.




For everyone

Sending one is great, but getting one is even better. So whether you send it to someone, or are giving yourself a little present, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Send one
Whether it’s your besties birthday, your true love, or just to stay in touch. Sending them a GreetMate is an experience they’ll cherish!

Get one
Be it to inspire you, a boost of motivation, or just that little something on your desk to make you smile. A GreetMate is where all this comes to life!



Create it your way

Step 1 - Pick your design
We have a large variety of designs to pick from. Whether your someone who's into cute objects, cool builds, or something that serves a purpose - we've got you covered! Don't see what you like, we'd love to hear from you; shoot us a message here and we'll work on adding popular requests to our lineup!

Step 2 - Make it personal
Pick a title that fits the occasion, or just because you're in the mood. Then make it extra special and type an unforgettable note for that special someone, or "Get one" with your favorite motivational quote. If you'd like a title custom made just for you, let us know here.

Step 3 - Choose your wood
Pick from two premium wood options; cherry - a creamy beige, or walnut - a rich brown.

Congrats, you're GreetMate is on it's way!